Girl Gang Sheffield Screening #3


Exciting news! Girl Gang will be returning to Picture House Social this April for the third immersive film screening. This time, we’ll be screening The Punk Singer, a film following the life of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin’s leading lady, Kathleen Hanna. The event will explore Riot grrls place and importance in society, past and present. On 30 April, we’ll transform Picture House Social into a 90s CBGB-style, underground punk club.

There will be…

Curated by Edge Of The Universe Printing Press and friends.
Zines were an integral part of the Riot Grrrl era, used as a way of sharing and expressing art, manifestos, politics and more.
Come and check out some of our favourite zines from across the country, get to know the people behind them, and try your hand at creating your own!

Our varied workshops will look into the many aspects of the Riot Grrrl movement, celebrating DIY ethics, creativity and music. Expect screening printing, live art, badge making, clothes customising, music writing and more.

After the fun of workshops and zines, grab a pizza and a beer and join us for our screening of The Punk Singer.
Find a spot on the floor (or bring your own cushion/pillow/bean bag) and chill out to an incredible documentary about an inspiring woman.

We will be rounding off the event with a gig featuring some of the best current bands of the moment. Expect exhilarating live music, sweaty dancing and lots of fun!
We’re keeping this gig under wraps for now, announcements to be made closer to the time.

After the show its the after party (no hotel lobby), Girl Gang Sheffield DJs & pals will be seeing you in until the end of the night with the best of punk/riot grrl/pop/dance/rnb/hiphop and more.

Tickets coming soon.