Dinosaur Screenings

Join Handmade Cinema for two classic dinosaur films and an afternoon of themed fun.

The Land Before Time
Sunday 24 February, 4-6pm, £6
Weston Park Museum, Western Bank, S10 2TP
Take a journey back to the beginning of time and meet the dinosaurs that roamed the earth. Handmade Cinema transforms Weston Park into the prehistoric setting of 1980s classic film The Land Before Time with ancient beasts, erupting volcanoes and a jungle landscape. Explore the dinosaurs’ home and meet the residents, dare to put your head in a dinosaur’s mouth for a photo or craft your very own dino mask.

Jurassic Park
Sunday 24 February, 7:30-10:30pm, £6
Weston Park Museum, Western Bank, S10 2TP
Take a seat amongst Sheffield’s largest collection of artefacts and watch John Hammond bring dinosaurs back to life. The iconic 1990s film returns to the big screen in a setting hand decorated by the Handmade Cinema team. Before visiting Isla Nublar, embark on some dinosaur themed crafts or snap a photo with your head in a dinosaur’s mouth. **Please note, this film is rated PG.**

In the lead up to the screenings we will also be hosting three free dinosaur workshops, for further details visit http://handmadecinema.co.uk/workshops/dinosaur-workshops/