The Lego Movie

Lego poster woodseats copy

The interactive element of this screening began at home, with audiences turning old shoeboxes into Lego bricks that could be placed in our Lego wall on arrival. We also installed a “Wall of Awesomeness” where the children were invited to draw anything they thought was awesome and then display it for everyone to see. Over on the craft table, audiences built their very own Lego figure using a paper cut-out. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’d also handcrafted a Taco Tuesday’s shack out of cardboard for the kids to play in. Refreshments were on hand as usual, and to keep things Lego-themed we dished out Lego cupcakes. Finally, ahead of The Lego Movie screening we watched the stop motion animations that were created the previous week at Woodseats Primary School After School Club.