Matilda Workshops


Ahead of the Matilda Screening on Saturday 1 April, Handmade Cinema hosted a season of events at Broomhill Library, offering children the chance to creatively respond to Roald Dahl’s classic novel. The Matilda season included…

Launch Party, Saturday 4 March, Broomhill Library, 11-2pm
The Matilda season kicked off with art, craft, music and books at Broomhill Library. We were joined by local children’s author Berlie Doherty as she read from Roald Dahl’s novel.

Drawing Stories! Saturday 18 March, Broomhill Library, 2-4pm
A creative workshop that played with pictures, words and paint. Participants used their favourite books and characters as inspiration for their own book.

Writing Is Magic! Saturday 25 March, Broomhill Library, 2-4pm
Visitors learnt to write and create their very own books. The children crafted their own fantastical story – and left as published authors.